States Sovereignty vs ADA

Given governments have self imposed state sovereignty and businesses and religious institutions but what about Citizens especially those with Disabilities.

It is common knowledge that said States abuse their power via many ways.  How is a disabled, handicapped citizen to thrive in their communities.

Like the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, where volunteers acted as guards and prisoners, soon the guards were abusing the prisoners.

The disabled have no choice but to be tied via umbilically to the governments and their handouts… dependent on the very institutions that are in control of them and those institutions have no sympathy for them…

Give the disabled incentives to work if able and to have protections from predatory institutions.. and actually enforce the current laws designed to protect them.

On the other hand a weak government or perception of weakness can lead to its own demise, by coup d’etat. Just like the French foreign legion tried in France and numerous overthrow of governments in history.

Too strong of a government and you have restricted speech, restriction of religion and gun control which leads to mass murder and political prisoners. Laos, Cambodia, China, Russia, Germany all in the last 100 years.

A fine balance between the two is needed.

Watchers to watch the watchers and to ensure integrity of the government system in place with all in mind, without restricting citizens liberties or compromising government power.

Accountability, Responsibility and Authority for a win win for all parties.

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